9-Seconds is a specialist in customized sportswear. We produce customized sports shirts, sports pants, sports jackets. Our range also includes special sports clothing for triathlon or high-quality, individually printed cycling clothing for teams that you design yourself. All sporting goods are manufactured in the EU in their own design. We control the entire value creation process from purchasing the fabric to the design.

Our aim is to have short distances in the production process and therefore environmentally friendly production. Our functional fabrics mostly come from Italy and in many cases can also be chosen as a recycled version. Decades of experience flow into our cycling clothing in particular. Together with the family business BL from Treviso in northern Italy, we produce your high-quality cycling jerseys and cycling shorts. Feel free to ask us, we will advise you!


Why With Us?


Short routes through European supply chains and recycled materials contribute to ecologically optimized production.


All we can do is quality. This is also important because everything else leads straight into the trash and that is not ecologically bad, but would also destroy your investments.

Flexible Production

Small quantities are no problem for us. This way you can remain flexible.

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