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Are you in search of personalized sportswear and sports jerseys with a unique design? We specialize in crafting sportswear tailored to match the aesthetics of your team or company. Our sportswear is manufactured in the EU to meet the Oecotex standard for sustainability. With our cutting-edge 3D configurator, you can unleash your creativity and design your own high-quality sports shirts and jerseys in a variety of colours and designs, tailored to your preferences

Why with Us?

Design sustainable sports jerseys

We manufacture your sportswear and jerseys locally within the EU, minimizing transportation distances. Additionally, a significant portion of our product range is crafted from recycled materials, including polyester fibers sourced from plastic bottles. This commitment to CO2 reduction not only benefits your brand but also contributes positively to our planet.

High quality self-designed sportswear made in Italy

Our bespoke sportswear and jerseys are primarily crafted in Italy or Poland using premium functional fabrics. With decades of expertise, we proudly represent the Bicycle Line brand from Treviso, Italy, renowned for excellence in cycling and triathlon apparel. Additionally, we offer custom flocking services for jerseys to enhance their aesthetic appeal

Small quantity - No problem

You can also place orders for the majority of our custom-designed sportswear items and jerseys in small quantities. We provide printed cycling clothing and personalized triathlon suits starting from just 2 pieces, with a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces for running apparel

design in 3D


How can you design your own sports shirts?

You can easily design and print the individual sports shirts, jerseys, shorts and jackets yourself. To do this, select a product and click on DESIGN. The 3D configurator now starts.

In the next step you just have to choose a design, adjust the colors and load your own logos or enter text. Your individual sportswear is ready.

How can I design and reorder my SPORTS jerseys?

You can easily access the designed jerseys in your customer account and reorder them there.

So you don't have to worry. Everything stays with the printed jersey as it was and goes straight into production. The reordered jerseys will be printed in the same way as the previous jerseys.

Inquire for FREE!

Send us your non-binding inquiry for your personalized sportswear. You will also receive free samples. We are happy to hear from you.

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Why US?

Design sustainable jerseys

We produce your sportswear and jerseys with short distances in the EU. Many items are also available made from recycled material. The polyester fibers are made from plastic bottles. This type of CO2 reduction helps your brand and our planet.

Printed and self-designed sportswear & Jerseys made in Italy

Our individual sportswear & Jerseys are mainly made in Italy or Poland from high-quality functional fabrics. We offer decades of experience with the Bicycle Line brand from Treviso in Italy, particularly in cycling and triathlon. We are also happy to flock jerseys.

Flexibility when printing jerseys

You can also order most of our individually designed sportswear items and jerseys from us in small quantities. We deliver printed cycling clothing and individual triathlon suits starting from just 2 pieces. Running from 10 pieces.

Questions about printing and designing your own sportswear?

For which sports do we offer individually printed sportswear and jerseys?

We offer you individually printed cycling clothing, running clothing, triathlon suits and team sports clothing. The team sports area includes printed and designed football jerseys, handball jerseys, individual basketball shirts, printed jerseys for badminton, table tennis and volleyball as well as ice hockey and field hockey.

How can I design my jerseys?

Your sportswear and sports jerseys are produced using a high-quality sublimation printing process. This means that the color is not printed onto the fabric, as with normal printing techniques, but is instead printed into the fibers of the functional fabric. This means that the function of the polyester is retained. The functional fabric can continue to breathe. This imprinting of complete layouts by sublimation into the functional fabric is done using heat, in which the printing ink becomes gaseous and can penetrate into the fiber. As it cools, the colors are then incorporated into the fiber.

Can I personalize the jerseys with names?

The individual team shirts, sports pants and sports jackets can also be personalized and printed with numbers and names for each team member. You can send us these names and numbers using tables with the order.

Can I add other printing techniques to designed jerseys?

In addition to the all-over print using sublimation, your sportswear can also be supplemented with other prints using transfer printing, flock printing or screen printing. Please ask our service team for an offer for the desired textile printing for your team. By the way, the logos should be available as vector graphics. If this is not the case, our graphic designers will be happy to help.